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Online shopping is not recommended for selecting stone countertops. Your computer screen won't show the true beauty and color of your future investment.  Visit our state-of-the-art showroom in Pembroke, MA to see all of your options in person and be educated on the stone countertop installation process by one of our specialists!

The experience of our team and pride we take in our craft is second to none!  We have completed projects of all sizes and each one is handled like it was our last, thus, giving you full confidence that we truly care about the work we do and the clients that put their trust in Rock Solid Tops!


QUARTZ: is crystallized silicon dioxide which is usually white or transparent, although it can be found in other colors if it comes in contact with impurities during its formation. It is found either in a pure state or present in other compounds such as granite.

The extreme hardness found in quartz and resistance to acids makes its uses very valuable in large variety of products that require precision and top quality performance. When complete, quartz becomes an engineered stone resistant to stains and does not need sealing.

quartz countertop quartz countertop